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"IT CAME FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE" is an entry in the 'Halloween Horror 4' map pack, and part of the Map Labs mapping competition. Inspired by older horror movies, my goal with ICFTL was to create an eerie daytime atmosphere and a simple gameplay loop while making the world seem bigger than it actually was.


While I believe I succeeded with my goal of giving a false sense of scale to the world, the gameplay loop proved to be too simple, and a little repetitive, feedback which I've taken to improve future maps!

"CURFEW" is an unfinished HL2 map I had initially created for the 'Map Labs: The Layout' competition. The premise was simple: It's past curfew, and you need to escape City 17. Featuring a haunting night-time atmosphere as well as a variety of different locations I consider this one of the better-looking maps I've designed.


The design was inspired by games like 'Mirrors Edge' and 'INSIDE', and even though I couldn't finish it for the comp due to external issues, it's one of my favorite levels that I've created for the game.


"THE LAST JOB" is my more successful attempt at creating a tense atmosphere and a unique experience using the HL2 map editor. With visuals inspired by the PS1 era, and a mood inspired by the 'ALIEN' films, TLJ puts you in the shoes of an employee who must fix different sections of a ventilation system. While it seems to be a simple job at first, you'll soon realize perhaps the job isn't as safe as it sounds.

'THE LAST JOB' was a bonus map for the Halloween Horror 4 mapping competition and map pack!



CORe meltdown

"CORE MELTDOWN" is a personal map project of mine intended to help improve my skills. What started off as a sketched-out layout, turned into a fully playable level with two different possible playstyles.

Set in an abandoned Nuclear Power plant recently taken over by the combine, "CORE MELTDOWN" will take the player through three combat encounters of varying difficulty as well as different areas of the nuclear power plant.

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